The Elizabeth Forward School Disctrict is proud to announce the re-opening of the Elizabeth Forward Middle School Musical Theater program. Within this program, we hoped to give our students the chance to be a part of something bigger, and to learn skills such as singing, dancing, acting and more as they prepared to preform for the community. Musical Theater is something that can foster social awareness, and help a student's ability to understand, preform, and express ideas in a multitude of ways. We cannot express enough as to hoe elated we are as instructors to bring back something so special to the EFMS community! The kids are a huge part of our success, and it would be hard to imagine tonight's show without the help of their motivation and creativity. We can hardly wait to plan what is coming next!

Casting List:

Director: Tim Hanna

Assistant Director: Myah Winowitch

Tech Director: Emma Campbell

Director's Assistant: Killarney Cline

Vocal Coaches: Aubri McCune and Caden Vogel

Super Hots!                                               What's Your Wish?                            On Your Mark!

Carotta: Chloe Axon                         Brianne: Emmerson Henry            Hare: Toni DeFonso

Taylor: Aderson Miller                      Bri: Alessa Cavalancia            Tortoise: Cashlin Harbour

Pepper Pete: Josh Gregory            Witch: Cody Mough           Badger: Ashlyn Brunazzi

Superhots #1: Sienna Overly              Fairy: Molly Gregory    Jamie Fox: Dolche Ochap

Superhots #2: Nora Gregory              Diana: Brookelynn McPherson           Janie Fox: Bella Burkhardt

Superhots #3: Bri Bowser                          Michael: Cooper Weagley   Mother Hare: Zoey Steligo

Father Hare: Spencer Callaghan

Tortoise Lackie #1: Abigail Toth

Tortoise Lackie #2: Virginia May

Tortoise Lackie #3: Morgan Kaufman